Staff Favorites









Amy Laizans

Almond milk latte (Downpour)

86% Dark chocolate 

Molly moons, Target, Trader Joes

Target, Amazon

Andrea Rulon

Decaf Soy latte

Dark chocolate and popcorn

Deru, Trader Joes, Target

Lululemon, Target

Anita Deshpande

Black Coffee, Tea

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Trader Joes and Costco

Amazon, Starbucks

Ann Coon

Hot Chocolate, Strawberry Italian soda

Chocolate or cookies

Panera Bread, Trader Joes

Amazon, Target

Annette Fechenbach

Grande sugar free vanilla latte


Amazon, Target

Amazon, Target

Bailey Baker Iced vanilla oat milk latte or Starbucks refresher. Lady Yum macaroons,popcorn,chocolate. Nordstrom,Trader Joes,Target Deru,Nordstrom,Starbucks.

Brandon K Chinn

Pineapple soda, Chocolate milk

Reese’s pieces, Twix, Ice cream



Caitlin Sarwono Peppermint mocha Brownies Target Target

Cheryl Perrella

Green Tea Lemonade (unsweetened).              


Mod Pizza,Amazon,Fred Meyer

Amazon,Fred Meyer, Target, Costco

Christina Meehan

Americano black

Sour patch kids, white cheddar popcorn

Trader Joe's

Starbucks, Amazon, Target

Christie Como        

Corinne Jansen

Vanilla latte

Dark chocolate, Fruit, popcorn

Molly Moons, PCC, Coffee Shops

Amazon, Target

Cyd Morgan Soy vanilla latte or fizzy water Dark chocolate Nordstrom, Lululemon, Deru Nordstrom, Lululemon, Deru

Dawn Sundene

Peach and Citrus Mint tea and any coffee

Chocolate, hot tamales, candy orange slices

Costco, Trader Joes

Starbucks, Amazon

Emily Morgan

Oat milk latte

Dark chocolate

Deru, 203 coffee, Trader Joes,

Target, Nordstrom

Erica Weaver Black Coffee Dark Chocolate Target Target & Amazon

Ferhunde Uysal


Dark chocolate



Heidi Jones

Vanilla latte

Dark chocolate pastries

Deru, Trader Joes

Amazon, Starbucks.

Allergy: Almonds and Hazelnuts 

Holly D’Souza

Iced skinny vanilla latte, Diet coke

Baked Cheetos, Cheezits, anything chocolate

Target, Trader Joes

Target, Amazon

Ian Dooley Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha, Green Tea Peanut M&Ms, White Cheddar Cheezit Grooves Brick & Mortar Books, MOD, Chipotle Brick & Mortar Books, Amazon, Target
Joel Lee Starbucks cold brew (no cream, no sugar) Salt and vinegar chips Costco,Amazon,Target Amazon,Target

Joyce Lum

Diet Coke/2 pump latte

Kettle corn, Milk chocolate

Trader Joe's, Amazon


Kate Schjoneman Iced Matcha with coconut milk Any chocolate without nuts Amazon,Barnes and Noble,Target

Amazon,Barnes and Noble,Target

Allergy:Tree nuts,avoid gluten

Kailey Weidkamp

Nonfat Caramel latte, La Croix

Dark chocolate

Target, Amazon

Target, Amazon

Kareth Hyatt

Green tea and Iced water

Chocolate Mint Zone Bars


Target, Sephora Nordstrom

Katie Massart Americano no room  Dark chocolate and peanut butter anything  Amazon, fun restaurants, Nordstrom Amazon, Nordstrom

Katie Jacobs

Hot green tea (sencha, jasmine, gunpowder)

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies, or anything gluten free

Trader Joes, Arayas place

Amazon, Nordstrom

Kecia Wunderlich

Skinny hazelnut latte with almond milk


Target, Whole Foods, Michaels

Target, Whole Foods, Michaels

Note: Vegan

Keith Buechler

Sugar Free Soy Vanilla Latte

Trail Mixes,Rice Crackers,Kind Bars

Amazon, Nike,Starbucks


Kelly Hakes Cold Brew with oatmilk and caramel syrup Any vegan treats Nordstrom and any book stores

Starbucks,Amazon and Target


Kelsey Cobain

Black coffee

Popcorn, trail mix, Chocolate

Deru, Trader Joes, Target

Target, Amazon

Kim Vining

Iced nonfat caramel macchiato

Lindt truffles

Starbucks Amazon

Starbucks Amazon

Kirsten Dufault

Oatmilk latte

Pastry and Red licorice

World Market


Kris Wood

Caramel Frappuccino, Peppermint Mocha

Caramel corn, Red Licorice

Trader Joes, Fred Meyer

Amazon and Target

Lauren Brink

Iced vanilla latte with oat milk.

Dark chocolate, Popcorn

Amazon, Target, Nordstrom

Amazon, Target, Nordstrom

Lauren McMullan Brown suagr oatmilk shaken espresso Anything Amazon Starbucks,Amazon
Leann Clawson Mocha, Ice Tea Popcorn, chocolate/peanut butter flavor, Gummie Bears Target, Trader Joes, Ben Franklin Crafts, Brick and Mortar Books Amazon, Starbucks (or other coffee shop), Brick and Mortar Books, Target, Lakeshore Learning
Mary Stavig Green or Black Ice Tea Chocolate or blueberry covered pretzels, Chocolate chip cookies Target, Nordstorm

Trader Joes,


Mallory Edwards

Vanilla sweet cream cold brew

Chocolate chip cookies

Amazon, Michaels, Salt n Straw

Amazon, Target

Marjorie Ewbank

Vanilla latte, Chai latte

Dark chocolate, White chocolate macadamia cookies

Trader Joes, Target, The commons

Target, Starbucks, Costco

Michelle Cody

Two pump no whip mocha, pink drink

Dark chocolate with peppermint, Dark chocolate

Marshalls, Nordstrom, Amazon

Nordstrom, Marshalls, Bellevue square mall,Amazon

Molly Azose

Iced caramel macchiato soy milk

Peanut butter M & M

Trader Joes, Costco

Amazon, Starbucks

Morgan James

Any tea

Dark chocolate, Fruit

Deru, PCC, Whole Foods

Amazon, Target

Nicole Javadov Chai Latte Sour cream and cheddar chips Marshalls and Trader Joes Amazon
Nikolina Durovic Coffee with almond milk Ferrero Raffaello Nordstrom,Ross Nordstrom,Costco

Nichole Klocksiem

Pink drink, Soy chai latte


Apple, Mango, Triscuits

Chipotle, Ulta, Sephora, Friday Afternoon Tea

Costco, Dollar Tree, Chipotle. Allergy: Roses, marigolds, stargazers.

Pete Oeung Black Tiger milk tea from Mr.Wish Anything Guitar center,Costco Amazom,Visa gift card

Priya Santhana Vannan

Flat white,Peppermint mocha

Nuts,Warm brownies

Amazon, Trader Joes, Nordstrom


Rebecca Lessie Any iced coffee or iced tea Salty Snacks, Dark chocolate Deru, Trader Joes, HMart Amazon, Target
Reanna Holycross Iced Matcha Latte,Iced Vanilla Latte Reece's Peanut Butter cups Costco, Trader Joes, Target Amazon, Trader Joes, Target

Sally Kelly

Flat white, Cappuccino

Dark chocolate, anything sweet or salty

TJs, Target

Starbucks, Amazon

Shahr Arfaeizadeh

Iced Oat Milk Latte

Twix, Caramel corn

Target, Deru,


Target, Starbucks

Allergy: No milk

Shana Speer

Coconut milk latte

Peanut butter M&M's and white chocolate M&M's

Target Amazon, Oiselle.

Target, Amazon, Oiselle

Shawna Sandstrom

Coffee with cream

Toffee and milk chocolate



Sophie Stevenson Chai Tea or sparking water Anything sweet Target Starbucks and Amazon

Stacey O’Brien

Flat white

Fruits, Veggies, Nuts ,Cheese.

HomeGoods, Ross, Marshalls, Amazon

HomeGoods, Ross, Marshalls, Amazon

Tiffany Capon

Chai Latte (Soy), diet coke

Twizzlers, chips, milk chocolate

Target, Amazon, Costco

Starbucks, Amazon, door dash. Allergy: Tomatillos

Victoria Jacobson

Soy vanilla latte, Black coffee

Dark chocolate, Popcorn, cupcakes, Pastries

Deru market, Trader Joes, Whole Foods

Target, Amazon