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Staff Favorite Things

        Name       Favorite Drink Favorite Treat Favorite Stores Hobbies        
Alexander, Jen   
Coffee with Coconut Milk and Honey
Coffee with Coconut Milk and Honey
Molbak's, Amazon
Sports, Water Sports, Boating, Painting, Gardening
Allende, Rachel
Extra Hot Soy Latte with Hazelnut
Almond Snickers
Barnes & Noble
Drawing, Sight Seeing

Arfaeizadeh, Shahr

Iced Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk
Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Target
Reading, Movies, Traveling
Banchero, Julie        
Brink, Lauren
La Croix, Kombucha
Dark Chocolate
Amazon, Nordstrom, Target,
Puzzles, Traveling, Crafting
Buechler, Keith Soy Vanilla Latte Savory Snacks Amazon Golf, Traveling, Hiking, Sports
Butler, Nancy        
Cain, Gina Hot Caramel Macciato with Extra Caramel Pretzel M&Ms Dollar Store, Amazon Running, Coloring, Video Games
Capon, Tiffany Soy Chai Latte, Diet Dr. Pepper Reese's & Twizzlers Amazon, Starbucks Reading
Chinn, Brandon Chocolate Reeses Rue21, Michael's Transformers, Obstacle Course Racing
Clawson, Leann Nonfat Mocha, Blueberry Tea Popcorn, Blueberries Amazon, Ben Franklin Crafts, Michael's Paddle Boarding, Listening to Books, Playing the Mandolin
Cline, Molly Chai Tea Latte Brownies, Cookies, and Sour Patch Kids Target, REI, Anthropologie Hiking, Knitting, Reading, Baking, Going to a Dog Park
Cobain, Kelsey Americano Popcorn, Trail Mix Nordstrom, Trader Joe's, Target Skiing, Baking
Cody, Michelle Mocha Hershey's Dark Chocolate, Chips & Salsa Bellevue Square, Amazon, Marshall's Gardening, Family Games, Driving Range
Coon, Ann Hot Chocolate, Strawberry Lemonade Lindt Truffles, Trolli Peachie Os Gummies Amazon, Target Family Time, Reading,
Cushing, Emily Lemonade Ice Tea Anything Chocolate Peanut Butter Amazon, Target Soccer, Eating, Doing Things in Summer
Daniels, Sheila        
Deshpande, Anita Black Coffee, Coconut Water White Chocolate Chip Cookies Costco, Macy's Reading, Listening to Music
Douglass, Abigail Almond Milk Latte

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dark Chocolate,    Ice Cream

Lulu Lemon, Athleta, Nordstrom, PCC Cooking, Entertaining, Golfing, Skiing, Local Restaurants, Being Outdoors
D'Souza, Holly Skinny Vanilla Latte Milk Chocolate Amazon, Target Reading, Hiking, WSU Football Games
Dufault, Kirsten Iced Oat Milk Latte with a little Carmel Chocolate or Gummy Candy Amazon, HomeGoods Pure Barre, Home Renovation, Biking
Edwards, Mallory Iced Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dark Chocolate Amazon, Target Family Time, Reading, Writing, Gardening
Fabiano, Kathryn Green Tea Chocolate Chip Cookies Amazon Yoga, Dancing, Hiking, Organizing
Fechenbach, Annette Grande Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte Popcorn Amazon, Target Family Time, Hiking, Playing with my Dog
Flemming, Amber Coffee with Almond Milk Brownies Target Houseplants, Painting
Goodwin, Madison Iced Chai Latte with Almond Milk Nutter Butters, Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Sour Candies Target, Trader Joes, Nordstrom Baking, Family Game Nights, Local Coffee Shops, Being Outdoors
Green, Bonnie        
Hatlen, Kathryn Lemonade Lemon Bars Target, Costco, TJ Maxx Baking, Rock Climbing, Swimming
Hobart, Nicole Chai Tea Latte Gardettos Chips, Truffle Chips Amazon, Home Goods Traveling, Cooking, Hiking
Hoffman, Marissa Vanilla Americano, Unsweetened Iced Green Tea White Cheddar Popcorn Nordstrom, Target, Amazon Traveling, Cooking, Reading
Hyatt, Kareth Ice Water with Lemon, Green Tea Haagen Daz Vanilla Bean over Warm Brownie with Hot Fudge Nordstrom, Target, Barnes & Noble, Madewell, H&M Family, Watching my boys play baseball, Traveling, photography
Jacobson, Victoria Black Coffee Popcorn Amazon, Target Reading, Cooking, Cycling
Jansen, Corinne Decaf Vanilla Latte Dark Chocolate Amazon, Target Family Time, Volleyball, Hiking
Jones, Heidi 1% Vanilla Latte Dark Chocolate without Nuts Athleta, Nordstrom, Amazon Photography, My Kids, Movies, Eating Out
Kelly, Sally Flat White, Black Tea Dark Chocolate, Cookies Target Traveling
Kukreja, Deborah        
Laizans, Amy Almond Milk Cappuccino from Downpour Ghirardehlli 86% Dark Chocolate Target Running, Swimming, Reading
Lee, Erica Any Teas! Chocolate Chip Cookies Target, H&M, Amazon Baking, Spending Time with Family and Friends, Painting
Leifer, Morgan GTs Kombucha, Unsweetened Tea Dark Chocolate, Fruit Amazon, Target Family Time, Reading, Travel, Cooking, Yoga, Friends
Lum, Joyce Double Tall Cafe Mocha (1.5 pumps) Dark Chocolate Amazon, Target Movies, Baking
McMullan, Lauren        
Meehan, Christina Black Coffee, Green Tea Haribo Gummy Bears Amazon, Target Time with Family and Friends, Traveling
Meza, David Dr. Pepper, Sweet Tea Reese's Pieces Nike, Finish Line, Amazon, 6pm Basketball, Golf, Writing Songs, Making Music, Playing Video Games, Buying Shoes
Milford, Savannah Iced or Hot White Mocha or Seasonal Coffees Twix Target Home Decorating, Traveling
Mobley, Katie Iced Chai Rice Krispies Amazon, Marshalls Hiking, Crafting
Morgan, Emily Oat Milk Latte Cookies Target, Amazon Reading, Baking, Eating from Local Restaurants
Mortensen, Mallorie Iced Americanos with Honey, Cream and Cinnamon Kettle Honey Dijon Chips Nordstroms Reading, Swimming, Shopping, Watching Jeopardy
Mukherjee, Mou        
NiesenGroth, Nevada Blueberry Italian Soda with Extra Cream Carmel Corn Fred Meyer, Amazon Family Time with Brother (3yr old), Crafting
Parsons, Gia Short Latte no sugar Beef Jerky Trader Joe, Metropolitan Market Sewing, Gardening, Art
Perrella, Cheryl Diet Pepsi, London Fog with Sugar Free Vanilla Berries and Fruit Fred Meyer, Amazon

Reading, Cooking, Walking, Gardening, Knitting, Sewing

Potter, Amanda Iced sugar Free Vanilla Latte, Diet Coke Anything Chocolate Target Reading, Crafts,
Riegert, Brigitte Taro Bubble Tea 5 Guys Burgers & Fries, Kiki Cafe JoAnn, Dollar Tree, Amazon Gardening, Sewing, Crochet, Knitting, Reading, Flute, Coloring
Rulon, Andrea Soy Latte, La Croix and Bubbly Drinks Peanut M&M's, Dark Chocolate Lululemon, Target, Nordstrom, Amazon Family time, Exercising, Watching Sports, Dining Out, Traveling
Sandstrom, Shawna Grapefruit La Croix Milk Chocolate with Toffee Target, Amazon Reading, Walking
Santhana Vannan, Priya Flat White Brownie Amazon, Nordstrom Rack Family Time, Tennis, Reading
Skaggs, Teri        
Smith, Gretchen Americano,  Citrus Flavored Sparkling Water Cookies, Strawberries, Milk Chocolate Amazon, Target, Fred Meyer Family Time, Tinkering, Sewing,  Gardening, & Adventures
Speer, Shana Coconut Milk Latte Peanut Butter M&Ms, White Chocolate M&Ms Oiselle, Target, Amazon Running, Cycling
Staples, David Iced Carmel Macchiato Fruit Amazon, Costco, Nordstrom Family Time, Sports, Games, Traveling
Stewart, Uwa Vanilla Milk Shake Milk/White Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla Lemon Coconut Cake Amazon, Walmart, Pink, Ross Family Time, Movies, Cooking, Reading, Tennis
Stone, Marissa Vanilla Americano, Unsweetened Iced Green Tea White Cheddar Popcorn Nordstrom, Target, Amazon Traveling, Cooking, Reading
Sundene, Dawn Americano with Cream Chocolate, Nuts, Savory Amazon, Costco Family, Home & Garden, Cooking
Szuhay, Linda        
Thannisch, Kaitlyn Iced Tea, Iced Black Coffee Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dark Chocolate Target, Amazon, Nordstrom Soccer, Hiking, Cooking, Baking
Uppendahl, Katie Hot Unflavored Green Tea Chocolate Chip Cookies Molbak's, Nordstrom, Amazon Gardening, Eating Out, Reading, Running
Uysal, Ferhunde Latte Dark Chocolate Amazon Walking
Vaitkus, Angela Americano with Cream Dark Chocolate, Savory Snacks Nordstrom, Athleta, Lululemon, Amazon Riding my Bike, Puzzles, Reading, Family Time
Vining, Kim Iced Nonfat Caramel Macciato Lindt Truffles Starbucks, Amazon Travel
Vinsant, Mitchell Hot Chai Tea Latte Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread & Banana Bread Barnes and Noble, Bellevue Square Mall Sports, Family, Outdoors, Reading, Gaming
Warren, Luke Kombucha Skittles REI, Home Depot, Guitar Center Gardening, Camping, Cooking
Weidkamp, Kailey Nonfat Carmel Latte, La Croix Dark Chocolate Target, Amazon, REI Hiking, Reading, Traveling
Wheeler, Anna Americano Pumpkin Bread, Chocolate Target, Nordstrom Yoga, Hiking, Skiing, Baking
Williams-Martinez, Shelina Almond Milk Vanilla Latte Chocolate Nordstrom, Target Hiking, Camping, Traveling, Exercising
Wood, Kris Frappuccino Light, LaCroix Carmel Corn Amazon, Anything! Cooking, Gardening, Crafts
Wunderlich, Kecia Skinny Hazelnut Latte with Almond Milk Oreos Target, Whol Foods, Michaels Hobbies: Crafting, Running, Walking My Dogs